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  • Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the process of transferring (porting) your mobile phone number from your existing mobile network provider (MTN, AIRTE & GLO) to Etisalat network. You may want to do this if you wish to sign up to Etisalat network and keep your original mobile phone number.
  • MNP is available on ETISALAT
  • No. There is no need to do SIM registration for porting.
  • It allows you to choose the network you prefer based on aspects such as customer care, quality of service, value added services and the cost of communicating on the network.
    By choosing Etisalat you will join the largest network in Nigeria and enjoy the following products and services, among others:
  • Highest Rewarding Telecom operator in Nigeria
  • Fastest data speeds on 3.75G network.
  • Excellent Quality of Service
  • Ring back Tunes Services
  • Bundled SMS Services
  • Affordable Call Rates for both national and international calls
  • Personalized customer care
  • Wide range of Value Added Services
  • The Official launch date of MNP is 22nd April 2013.
  • You are free to choose Etisalat network without having to change to a new number. You don’t have to notify friends/ family and associates about your new operator when you move to Etisalat. Just use your phone like you always do.
  • Etisalat Offers the MNP (Mobile Number Portability) facility at Free of Charge to the Customers (As per existing MNP business rule set by NCC). However the Normal rate Plan & tariff plan charges May apply.
  • MNP service provider acts as an intermediary between operators and facilitates smooth porting of numbers between them. NCC is MNP service provider in Nigeria.
  • All existing airtime available on your previous line will expire upon successful porting and will not be carried forward to Etisalat. Call charges, plans and VAS offered by Etisalat may differ from that offered by your earlier service provider. Etisalat will offer you better services and plans
    The identification documents required to authorize porting include either a :
  • Valid international Passport
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Nigerian national identity card or any valid means of identification
  • Certificate of incorporation or Certificate of registration (For corporate accounts)
  • If you are unable to present any valid ID card. The agent at the experience centre will use a webcam or a capturing device will be used to take the photograph of the customer
  • A photocopy of the identification document will be required. Etisalat is always in favor of providing seamless & the most convenient way of MNP port-in request to mobile customers in Nigeria.
  • Filling of MNP application form by either
    • Visiting an Etisalat MPOS, Experience centre or Selected authorized dealers to fill the MNP application form,
    • Filling the MNP application form online. Take the print out of the filled application form. If you cannot print it go with the reference number given to you in an sms. Take it to the Experience centre, MPOS or selected authorized dealers .Etisalat agents will retrieve your application and will process the Port-in
    • Visit by our mobile field agents for you to fill out a Mobile Number Portability Request Form
    • Calling our dedicated MNP help line 08091234000 where our call centre agents would help in filling of the form
  • Send an SMS to PORT to “3232”.
  • Sign the hardcopy of Number Porting Request Form as a declaration that you understand and consent to the porting in the Experience centres, MPOS, selected authorized dealers , porting centers or with our field agents. A photocopy of your valid ID will be required to attach with the Porting Request Form. Etisalat Shop staff will assist you with these procedures.
  • Yes, you are free to choose either a Prepaid or a postpaid line with Etisalat. (Postpaid choice is subject to existing terms & conditions to obtain the service).
  • There are no charges for you to port your number.
  • Yes, your number can be ported multiple times. But you can only place a request to port to any of the operators once every 90 days after one porting request (as per NCC existing business rules)
  • You can Port any mobile number on the GSM network irrespective of the type of package(Pre paid or post paid )and service it is been used for (e.g. voice, data, gps tracking etc).
  • Any Experience center : 08:00am to 05:00pm from Mondays to Fridays and 10:00am to 02:00pm on Saturdays

    Mobile Point Of Sales : 08:00am to 05:00pm from Mondays to Fridays

    Experience centers in Shopping Malls : 10:00am to 08:00pm from Mondays to Saturdays and 12:00pm to 08:00pm on Sundays

  • Selected Authorized dealers or distribution channel : 08:00am to 05:00pm from Mondays to Fridays
  • As per existing MNP business rules set by NCC it is one of the basic requirements. However, Etisalat has taken in to account our corporate customers .As a corporate customer you will not have to visit the shop since etisalat’s field agents will visit you. This is because Etisalat always believe in providing seamless & best customer experience to our subscribers.
  • The process can be initiated online by you after filling the MNP online application form after which you will get a reference number automatically on the MSISDN which was filled on the form. You are advised to visit the any experience centre, MPOS or Selected authorized distribution partners with the line that has the reference number sent, and also with a valid means of identification in order to complete the porting process.
  • You can call the MNP dedicated hotline which is 08091234000 where an Etisalat agent will request for your details etc .The agent will fill the form for you after which a reference number is generated this is sent by the agent to you. You will be then advised to visit the experience centre with the line that has the reference number sent, and also with a photocopy and an original valid means of identification in order to complete the porting process.
  • You can call our dedicated helpline on 08091234000
  • You will be informed of the progress of your porting request by text messages
  • May be not, as the Value added services of the previous operator might not be the same provided by Etisalat. You can only port their number and not their value-added services. However, you can choose to enjoy a wide range and much better value-added services available with Etisalat
  • Yes. you can select any plan which is available in the market at the time of porting. Etisalat has a variety of plans to suite your individual needs
  • Yes, Etisalat will offer you a new SIM card when you come to the experience centre to apply for porting or complete your porting request. Etisalat will activate the new SIM card with your existing number (number from donor operator) once porting is successful. Other charges may apply
  • Your old SIM card will be deactivated and will not be used by you anymore.
  • The contacts can be back-up with the help of MNP backup solution. Easy Backup is a service that allows you to backup your contents such as Phone memory contacts and calendar ,with the help of data services to a safe portal that is accessible to you using your mobile number and password as log-in credential. It is presently supported by Android and BlackBerry phones.
  • The old SIM card from other network will work in a normal way till the porting is completed successfully. Once the new SIM card from the Etisalat will be activated the old SIM card from other network will be deactivated.
  • The Porting request will be completed within a maximum of 48 hours based on existing NCC business rules. Etisalat will work with you to make the process as quick and convenient as possible.
  • Yes. Even if you have balance due, you will be able to place your porting request. Except if your service is suspended or not active due to any reason.
  • As per existing business rules set by NCC. The balance (Postpaid bill) from previous operator should be paid by the customer even after porting, as it is considered an outstanding or bill.
  • Yes. You will get SMSs on your new & old SIM card about activation of new SIM card & deactivation of old SIM card. You will also get a welcome message and a call later on from Etisalat.
  • You can change your mind anytime before you send the confirmation SMS. Once the confirmation SMS has been sent, you can no longer cancel your port request and the porting process must progress to completion.
  • Messages which have been sent to you prior to porting, but not delivered, may be lost
  • After porting, you may be charged differently when calling friends and family that are not on the same network as you. Also, your friends and family may be charged differently (if they remain on the old network or if the tariff arrangement with Etisalat is different from that of the donor) when calling the customer after porting.
  • You can report this to Etisalat or to the NCC.
  • Yes. A porting request made on behalf of an organization shall be accompanied by a letter of authority on the company’s letterhead signed by an authorized signatory